Search Process

Positive outcomes begin with a well-charted process.

How we partner with you for success . . .

Project Launch Meeting — We ask Human Resources and Key Stakeholders to help us gain a clear understanding of . . .

  • responsibilities
  • specifications
  • requirements
  • wish list

Together we reach agreement on process, logistics and service fee.

Search Process — We uncover the best available talent, whether they are actively or passively involved in seeking a new situation, by using . . .

  • our proprietary tracking database
  • our extensive industry network
  • specifically targeted recruiting techniques

Goal — We listen, understand and respond to your needs proactively, referring only candidates who match your requirements.

We want to be your partner . . . and your guide.

How you and we determine the most productive partnership . . .

We offer our clients three options:

1. Retained Search

  • Strongest commitment by the hiring company
  • Immediate and full commitment of our Team to speed, quality and success of the search
  • Fee = 25 % of first year’s compensation
  • First third of fee payable upon signed agreement, one third payable when slate is presented and interviews scheduled, final third when candidate commences employment

2.  Contained Search

  • Client commitment to exclusive agreement with us
  • Blend of Retained and Contingency search methods
  • “Container” fee is paid upon signed agreement, usually 25% of anticipated search fee
  • Balance of fee payable when candidate commences employment

3. Contingency Search

  • Client decision to use multiple search firms
  • Total fee paid when candidate commences employment

How you rest assured about our commitment . . .

We guarantee every placement for three months.  If needed, we conduct a full replacement search.

Detailed Search Process

 For a more detailed step-by-step description . . .