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In fact, change can be quite disorienting.

Rely on us to keep you on course.

In business, it can send you in the wrong direction.

Career Management Consulting

Search, Coaching, Outplacement

Things can turn on a dime.
Or . . .
Things can change over time.

Either way, managers need help more urgently when the change involves people. That’s what we do, with trustworthy wide-ranging capabilities plus genuine one-to-one caring.
And that will never change.

We do more than just part of the job.

The Schegg Group is a full-service talent management consulting firm that delivers customized solutions to manage the entire employee life cycle.


We find that talent you need—sometimes in unlikely places—and we help shorten the path to the team you have always wanted.

  • Ample access
  • A seamless process
  • A proven outcome


We help individuals identify their strengths and accomplishments — and then understand how to maximize their value to the company.

  • Ample support
  • Consistent reinforcement
  • Long-term results


We offer job search tools, address interpersonal skills — and a well-equipped, poised candidate gains optimism from our high-five work style.

  • Ample encouragement
  • Customized toolkits
  • A confident new start

We ensure the perfect fit.

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How big should a full service talent management consulting firm be?

At every stage of the employee life cycle, you deserve the made-exclusively-for-you personalization that comes from a purposefully limited number of first-string team players. Like us.

But this is the 21st century and the talent market requires you to also THINK BIG.  BIG reach, BIG resources, BIG networking capabilities.  That is why we proudly affiliate with —


The Schegg Group is a founding member of the Global Outplacement Alliance, and that can make us as BIG as you need us to be.  Regional?  Coast to coast? International? Tell us what meets your demands. We collaborate with over 200 offices, all practicing according to pre-set standards — the standards by which The Schegg Group has always practiced.  So we do indeed have over 200 offices.  Which one or which ones do you need? Learn more about GOA ››

  • “Barbara Schegg provided empathy, encouragement, creative ideas, and even a kick in the seat of my pants when I needed it after my job loss. She yanked me out my misery and made me work at being positive, confident, and optimistic. It worked. I am actually a more positive, and maybe even a better person, for going through this experience, plus I love my new job. I also learned that Barbara's approach to helping people is infectious — she spreads it throughout the company and the entire team remains consistent in this helpful approach. I love these guys.”

    Outplacement Candidate
    Outplacement Candidate

The Schegg Group. Charting a Course for Change.